This Ain’t Your Grandpa’s Wholesaler is Canada’s first and leading online wholesaler for the plumbing, heating and hydronics industry.  We know how much time is wasted shopping and sitting at the wholesaler waiting for orders while that to do list gets longer and longer.  We believe that buying the products you need should be fast, easy and stress-free so that you can keep your focus on your business.  That’s why we offer a wide range of plumbing and hydronic supplies online that you can order at any time, from anywhere, on any device. Our mobile friendly website allows for convenient shopping and ordering.

Our knowledgeable staff are available by to help you with all of your projects, large and small.  We are here to help.  We have full time Professional Engineers available to design Loop CAD drawings and Take-Offs which are fine-tuned by hand to be the most innovative and efficient while meeting all your specifications, giving you the competitive edge your customers will love.

We are dedicated to saving you time (and money).  We want to keep your business moving by having you and your valuable staff working, not sitting at a pick up counter.


Our Mission

To revolutionize the plumbing & heating industry by providing sustainable solutions for the built environment, through a transparent e-commerce platform that equitably promotes quality installations and education for every consumer.

Our Core Values


We believe you shouldn’t need to be best friends with a branch manager in order to get good prices and good service. We use standardized pricing strategies, with small variance between large and small customers, so that any customer buying from Pexhouse can be competitive on their projects


We believe that corporations have a responsibility of leadership in the field of sustainability.  By our commitment to green and sustainable practices we can have a greater impact than the sum of the individuals within our organization


We believe that people deserve to know what they are buying.  Whenever possible we source products from traceable and verifiable North American manufacturers.  We devote a large amount of time and energy to separating technical facts from marketing copy, to ensure our customers are buying products based on actual specs and capabilities.


We believe in the power of education.  We believe that when people are given access to complete and accurate information, they have the best chance of a successful product.  Every product listing was created by our own team, with no data dumping, to ensure that all aspects of the page are accurate, from the product description, the specifications and any available technical data manuals.  We also run our completely non-commercial social media account The PlumbBros on Instagram and Youtube

Our Green Commitment

Pexhouse was founded with sustainable practices as a core value.  We engage in several energy conservation and carbon reduction programs as part of the standard operational practices.

  1. Packing material reuse – At Pexhouse we reuse 99% of the boxes and packing materials from incoming products for our outgoing shipping.  Over the life of the company less than 1% of the packaging material used has been purchased new, and any purchased products are consumer post recycled product
  2. Preowned Vehicles – One of the best ways to reduce embodied carbon in a vehicle is to purchase preowned, to avoid the carbon cost of manufacturing a new product.  For this reason, the entire delivery fleet is made up of preowned vehicles
  3. Dynamic Temperature Setpoint – By simply allowing a wider fluctuation in the temperature setpoint of a building, lowering setpoints during low/no occupancy and varying the setpoint based on outdoor air temperature, up to 25% energy savings can be realized in building heating.  By following these guidelines we are able to significantly lower our energy consumption in comparison to other wholesale or e-commerce companies.