500 sqft Radiant Floor Heat Package


The Vesipex RFH500 package includes all the materials needed to rough in a floor heating system up to 500 square feet.

Radiant Floor Heating is the most efficient and most comfortable way to heat your space.  Radiant heating works by embedding a plastic PEX (cross-linked polyethylene such as Vesipex) tubing in concrete, or fixing it to the underside of the subfloor.  Warm water is circulated through the tubing, therefore heating the floor.  Most importantly the PEX tubing used for plumbing is not suitable for an infloor heating application because it does not have an oxygen barrier.  Radiant Heating PEX must have an oxygen barrier, to prevent oxygen from entering the system as oxygen will cause corrosion and premature failure of system components.

An infloor heating system consists of the following components: PEX Tubing, pipe fastener ties, bend guides (to sleeve the pex tubing as it exits the concrete), pex-manifold adapters, stainless steel manifold.

To complete your infloor system several other hydronic and control components must be integrated.  These are: a boiler, a circulator pump, an expansion tank and an air separator.  For zoning use, a thermostat is needed in each zone as well.


  • High flexibility and additive free 1/2″ PEX-c (x 1000′)
  • R-20 pex to manifold Eurocone threaded adapters (x 4 pairs)
  • Stainless Steel Radiant Manifold with iso valve kit and temperature gauge (x 1)
  • PVC Sleeve 90 degree bend guides (x 8)
  • Nylon Pipe Ties (x 600)


Application: Heating

Area: Up to 500 sqft (assumes pipe spacing at 6″ on Center)

Flow Rate: 2 – 6 GPM

Heat Load: Up to 7,500 – 20,000 Btuh

Pipe: 1/2″ Oxygen Barrier PEX-c

Technical Information

VesiPEX Installation Instructions

Weight 25 kg


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