Taco 24V Low Water Cutoff, 3/4″ NPT Probe, Auto Reset


The Taco LWCO provides reliable protection for all types of boilers, from small residential hot water boilers to large industrial steam boilers. The boiler’s minimum safe operating water level is specified by each manufacturer. Should the water level dip below that specified level, heat will accumulate quickly causing significant damage to the boiler and a potential external safety hazard.

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For accurate and dependable boiler protection, our Low Water Cutoff (LWCO) features the simplicity, reliability and unmatched quality you’ve come to expect from Taco Electronic Controls. The LWCO is a probe style, microprocessor based control that detects the fluid level in hot water and steam boilers. Patented signal processing technology, external LEDs and simplified wiring make installation and testing a snap.

The LTA-2 models are used on smaller hot water boilers (usually under 400,000 BTU). Available in 24 and 120 VAC auto reset models, the LTA-2 has a compact full metal enclosure with direct probe mounting, a test button, external LED lights and easy-to-wire tri-barrier terminals. Built with the same patented signal processing technology as the LTR, the LTA-2 is a great solution for upgrading the safety of current systems
or when traditional 120 VAC hard wiring is required.

Technical Specifications

Taco LWCO Brochure

TACO LWCO Installation Instructions

Taco LWCO Submittal


Probe Size 3/4″ NPT
Type of Reset Manual Reset
Maximum Pressure 250 PSI (121ºC)
Input supply Voltage 24 VAC
Maximum Ambient Temperature 150ºF (66ºC)
Probe Sensitivity 20K Ohms, extended operation to 40K Ohms
Power 2.8 VA @ 120V


Weight 1.5 kg



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